The Islamic State of Afghanistan (1:3 Parties & Organizations)

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Afghanistan part 2 Afghanistan part 3
Politics of Afghanistan by Wikipedia
Elections in Afghanistan by Wikipedia
Afghan Politics Afghanistan Online
Afghanistan Online
Afghana Afghan web directory
Afghan Land
Afghanistan's Web Site
Guide to Law Online: Afghanistan
Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan Hazara community in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Liberation Organization ALO
Afghan Mellat Afghan Social Democrat Party
Socialist Nationalist Afghan Party
Rawa Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
Democrat Watan Party of Afghansitan
Royal House of Afghanistan
Afghanistan-America Foundation Founded by former Congressman Don Ritter to broaden and deepen US policy attention to Afghanistan
Center for Afghanistan Studies University of Nebraska at Omaha
Afghanistan Peace Association (APA)
Afghanistan Peace Organization
The Roashans Current political and social views on Afghanistan
Watan Afghanistan
Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan (WAPHA)
Pashtun Tribes
UNAMA United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan
ISAF International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan

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