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Angola part 1 Angola part 3
Governments on the WWW: Angola By Gunnar Anzinger
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Angola by Central Intelligence Agency
Assembleia Nacional The Parliament
Commissão Constitucional Constitutional Commission
Portal do cidad;ão Citizens Portal
Governo de Angola Angolan Government
Ministérios Ministries
Ministério das Relações Exteriores Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministério do Interior Ministry of Interior
Ministério da Cultura Ministry of Culture
Ministério da Educação Ministry of Education
Ministério da Indústria Ministry of Industry
Ministério das Finanças Ministry of Finance
Ministério da Defesa Nacional Ministry of National Defence
Ministério do Comércio Ministry of Commerce
Polícia Nacional Angolana National Police of Angola
Banco Nacional de Angola (BNA) National Bank of Angola
The Embassy of Angola - Washington, D.C. The Embassy of Angola hosts the Government of Angola's Official Home Page that offers news and information on the country
The US-Angola Chamber of Commerce
Embassy of Angola in the UK
Embassy of the Republic of Angola, Ottawa
Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Portugal
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Angola to the United Nations
UN Observer Mission in Angola (1997-1999)

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