Kingdom of Belgium (3:4:2 The Regions)

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The Communities Flemish, French, German-Speaking
The Provinces

The Flemish Region:
Vlaamse Overheid Flemish Government
VDAB Education and Employment in the Flemish Region
OVAM Flemish Company of Waste Processing
Flanders Foreign Investment Office

The Brussels-Capital Region:
Région de Bruxelles-Capitale/ Brusselse Hoofdstedelijke Regering Brussels-Capital Region
Parlement régional bruxelloise/Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Parlement
ORBEM Education and Employment in the Brussels Region, French-speaking site
BGDA Education and Employment in the Brussels Region, Flemish-speaking site
IBGE-BIM Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment

The Walloon Region:
Wallonie en ligne Portail de la Région Wallonne
Le Parlement Wallon The Walloon Parliement
Le Gouvernement Wallon The Walloon Government
Les Sites ""
Ministère de la Région Wallonne (MRW) Ministry of the Walloon Region
Portail Environnement de Wallonie Environment Portal
Wallonie Web
Mediateur de la Region Wallonne Omnbudsman's service of the government of Wallonie
FOREM Education and Employment in the Walloon Region
Wallonia Export and Investment Office in San Francisco

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