Direct Democracy

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Direct Democracy by Yahoo!
Direct Democracy meeting place by Miroslav Kolár
Centre d'études et de documentation sur la Démocratie Directe Université de Geneve
Initiative & Referendum Institute
The Direct Democracy Center
National Voter Outreach
Democracy Place USA
Virtual Mayor (London) To promote individual citizen involvement in local government issues
Direct Democracy - Is the United States prepared?
Reinventing Democracy The Citizens' Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Initiative for Texas
Teledemocracy Action News + Network
Participatory Direct Democracy Association
Movement for Direct Democracy
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center
Canadians for Direct Democracy
Citizen's Council of Canada Promoting Direct Democracy in Canada
Direct Access Democracy - Canada
Associazione Democrazia Diretta (Italian)
Mehr Demokratie (German)
IVTA - Internet Voting Technology Alliance
Netcaucus Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee The Direct Democracy Initiative of the non-profit Philadelphia II
Direct Democracy League
Démocratie Active Association for democracy
European Referendum Campaign Campaigning for a EU-wide referendum on any new EU constitution
Direkte Demokratie Linkliste (German)
Democratie Digitaal Dutch website with news and backgrounds on (e-)democracy
Democracy Online e-democracy news, links and resources from all over the world
Direct Access Democracy
Vote Democratic World Government

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