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Canadian Constitutional Documents by William F. Maton
Politics of Canada by Wikipedia
Elections in Canada by Wikipedia
Canadian Political Parties by Alex E. H Ng - A complete directory of Canadian Political parties
Political Parties in Canada by Trevor Tymchuk
The Legislative Assemblies of Canada (Parties) Index of Canada parties
Canadian Politics on the Web ITP Nelson's guide
CyberSciencesPo Guide de ressources en sciences humaines et en politique canadienne (François-Pierre Gingras, Département de science politique de l'Université d'Ottawa)
Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry by Michael Dartnell
Political Science and International Relations (University of British Columbia Library)
Canadian Political Index BlogsCanada
Elections Canada
Décision 97 French web site which offers day-to-day coverage of the election campaigns, and related resources
La politique québécoise Source of informations (in french and english) about politics in Quebec: political system, political parties, elections and referendum
Hillwatch Portal to Canadian and International political sites
Politics Watch Canada's Political Portal A non-partisan resource on canadian public policy
Maple Leaf Web Online political portal
Mondo Politico A non-partisan political voice
Guide to Canadian Political Science Resources (National Library of Canada)
Fair Vote Canada

Other parties:
Libertarian Party of Canada Parti Libertarien du Canada
Socialist Party of Canada
Communist Party of Canada/Parti Communiste du Canada
Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
Canadian Action Party
Socialist Alternative
Marijuana Party of Canada Parti Marijuana
Christian Heritage Party
Western Canada Concept
Canadian Clean Start Party
Union Canadienne Démocratique/Canadian Democratic Union
International Socialists
Union Progressive Canadienne-Française/Canadian Traditional Conservative Party
Canadian Democratic Movement
Freedom Party of Canada
Nationalist(e) Progressive Nationalist Party of Canada
Direct Access Democracy Canada We Govern!

Parti Québécois
Action démocratique du Québec Mario Dumont
Le Parti libéral du Québec
Parti Bloc-pot du Qébec Quebec's provincial party in favor of legalization of marijuana
Parti communiste du Qébec Communist Party Quebec
Parti marxiste-léniniste du Qébec Marxist-leninist Party of Quebec
Parti vert du Québec Green Party of Quebec

British Columbia
B.C. Conservative Party
The Sex Party
B.C. Social Credit Party
Reform Party of British Columbia
British Columbia Unity Party
British Columbia Libertarian Party
British Columbia Marijuana Party
Democratic Reform British Columbia

Alberta Social Credit Party
Alberta Party
Separation Party of Alberta

Ontario Libertarian Party
Family Coalition Party of Ontario
Freedom Party of Ontario
Green Party of Ontario

The Yukon Party

The Saskatchewan Party
Saskatchewan Party Caucus
Saskatchewan New Democratic Party
First Nations Party of Saskatchewan

Green Party of Manitoba
Communist Party of Canada - Manitoba

Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador First Party

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Liberal Party

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