Cape Verde

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Elections in Cape Verde by Wikipedia
Politics of Cape Verde by Wikipedia
Comissão Nacional de Eleições National Electoral Commission
Cape Verde by WoYaa!
Cape Verde by Index on Africa
Cape Verde by Adminet
Cabo Verde 24 Link portal and search engine with news from Cape Verde
Virtual Cape Verde
Republic of Cape Verde Home Page (Unofficial)
Partido Africano da IndependÍncia de Cabo Verde PAICV (African Independence Party of Cape Verde)
Movimento para a Democracia MPD (Movement for Democracy)
Governments on the WWW: Cape Verde by Gunnar Anzinger
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Cape Verde by Central Intelligence Agency
Presidência da República de Cabo Verde Presidency of the Republic of Cape Verde
Assembleia Nacional de Cabo Verde Cape Verde National Assembly
Página Oficial do Governo Official Site of the Government of Cape Verde
The Government of the Republic of Cape Verde
Supremo Tribunal de Justiça Supreme Court

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