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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus
Politics of Cyprus by Wikipedia
Elections in Cyprus by Wikipedia
LogosNet TechnologiesInternet and Telecommunication solutions and services
Parties by Eureka! (Kypros Net)
Cyprus Yellow Pages
Cyprus Government and Politics
Dimokratikos Sinagermos - DISY Democratic Coalition (in Greek)
Anorthotikon Komma Ergazemenou Laou - AKEL Progressive party of the Working People
Dimokratikon Komma - DIKO Democratic Party (under construction)
Enomeni Dimokrates United Democrats
Neoi Orizontes - NE.O New Horizons (in Greek)
Kinima Oikologoi Perivallontistoi Cyprus Green Party
Ergatiki Dimokratia Workers Democracy
The Cyprus Problem by Giorgos Zacharia
The Lobby for Cyprus Online A non party political organisation with the aim of reuniting Cyprus
A United Cyprus "Transplanted Populations and the Problems Caused: Cyprus" by M.A. Zachariades

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