Denmark (2:3 Governments)

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Faroe Islands
Governments on the WWW: Denmark By Gunnar Anzinger
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Denmark by Central Intelligence Agency
State Institutions (Jubii)
Politics (Jubii)
Amter Counties
Kongehuset The Royal House
Folketinget The Parliament
Prime Minister's Office
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Ministry of Research and Information Technology
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of the Justice
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Danish Institute for Fisheries Research
Veterinary and Food Administration
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Culture
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Employment
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Business and Industry
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Treasury
Ministry of Housing
Ministry of Church
Retsinformation Legal resources (danish only)
Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo
Royal Danish Embassy in Washington, DC
Royal Danish Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
Royal Danish Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia
Consulate General of Denmark in New York
Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nations

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