Presidential and other elections (November 5, 1996)

Bob Dole

Bill Clinton

Smithsonian Institution and '96 US Presidential Election
Parallel Lives The Interactive Biographies of Bill Clinton & Bob Dole (Politics Now)
The Reform Party Ross Perot's party
Info for Voters on Federal Candidates National Political Index
1996 Election Guide (SLONET) Guide to Web coverage of the 1996 US Presidential Election
Politics: Campaigns/Candidates - Political Parties - Elections - Political Consultants PoliticsUSA
C-Span Online America's Cable Televion Companies
Campaign Central
The Nando Times Election '96
Campaign '96 The Jefferson Project
Campaign '96 CBS
Candidates '96 Congressional Quarterly
Elections '96 The University of Southern California
All Politics (CNN/TIME) One of the most trusted and comprehensive sources on the World Wide Web for information and insights about American politics
Politics Now ABC News, National Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Time, Newsweek
Dean's Voting Guide
996 Gen X Presidential Forum The Internet Herald sent a list of five questions of interest to Generation X (born 1963-1983) to the major USA Presidential candidates, and the replies are listed here.
California Election Servers
Campaign 96 Online A comprehensive guide to online politics
Decision 96 NBC MSN
On The Road to the White House 1996 Presidential Campaign
Parties and Candidates 1996 Presidential Campaign
Reinventig America
Vote Smart The one-stop shopping center for political information
NewPolitics The Non-Partisan U.S. Political Participation Resource
U.S. Politics
NetVote '96
The News and Observer Sources for Campaign '96
Washington Weekly Presidential Primaries
Elections '96 USIS
Alexander Lamar for President
Sanders for Congress '96
Pat Paulsen for President
Steve Forbes
The Freedom Page
Home page of Marc Asch Campaign for State Representative
The Scientific Selection of Candidates

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