Presidential and other elections (November 7, 2000)

Elections by Yahoo!
ElectNet Comprehensive listings of US federal, state, and local elections offices on the Internet.
Elections U.S.A. Politics, campaigns, results, updates and analyses Political Internet Mall For Candidates
Web White & Blue The online public service campaign for easy access to 1998 election information
The Democracy Network (DNet) A comprehensive directory of election related sites in every state
Project Vote Smart A Voter's Self-Defense System
Political Resources On-Line Tools for political professionals
GenderGap Information on women in politics, government and the military
The Campaign Connection Getting elected resources for grassroots campaigns
WhiteHouse 2000 Web directory for the U.S. presidential candidates
Elect the next President November 7, 2000
Citizens for True Democracy CTD is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the fairness of elections
National Association of State Election Directors
Smart Voters by League of Women Voters
Congressional Campaign Links An index of U.S. House and U.S. Senate campaign sites and biographical and staff information
California Voter Foundation
Committee for Direct Democracy Promotes the centuries-old idea of direct democracy and its application to American politics, economics, and culture The Internet voting company
Introducing Questions and answers about upcoming elections
Winning Directions Resource Center For Anyone Involved in Politics
Mock Election
Initiative & Referendum Institute
D.C.'s Political Report The Complete Source for Campaign Summaries
Election 2000 The Campaign connection
Issues2000 Presidential Candidates on the Issues
Presidency 2000 by
American Presidential Candidate Selector by A political portal with everything about politics, elections and government
The Race to White House
Cox News - Campaign 2000 News and commentary from Cox newspapers
Campaign Finance Reform
Campaign Collectibles On-line auction house for American political campaign collectibles
1st politics - Campaign 2000
Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
Network America Covers election fraud in the US presidential race
Politicians against Liberty Politics of a new generation Upstart Political Internet Portal
Talk Left: The Politics of Crime Liberal coverage of crime-related election and political news
The Campaign Manual, 5th ed. 2000, by S. J. Guzzetta How to political handbook for running a campaign
NetCampaigns Coverage of the top Republican campaigns
VIS Congressional Report Cards Find out what types of legislation members of U.S. Congress supported
How to Run for Office and Build a Winning Campaign Website
Polikicks Vintage campaign items and presidential memorabilia
Mycampaign A free website building tool for all political candidates in the United States Internet services, Web design and free URL's for political campaigns Online voter registration & absentee ballot application for US citizens Resource for Latino Political News
Vanishing Voter A study of public involvement in the 2000 presidential campaign
BlindVote Presidential Issue Survey
State Net - Election 2000
The Vote: Bush, Gore and the Supreme Court

Al Gore for President
Al Gore 2000
All Gore - Presidential Campaign 2000 A satiric Site
George W. Bush for President Online Store
George W. Bush Presidential Exploratory Committee, Inc.
G.W. Bush Family News Jennifer's one-stop source of Bush family news
Ashcroft for Senate 2000 Official website
Ashcroft 2000 An unofficial website dedicated to Republican Senator John Ashcroft
John Kasich for President in 2000 Campaign information for John Kasich in the U.S. Presidential Elections of 2000
Bill Bradley for President
Bill Bradley for President Grassroots Network
Wellstone for President in 2000 (Unofficial Web)
John McCain for President in 2000
Muckian for President 2000 The Winning Team for 2000
The Bush Watch New, comments, analysis, and links about Texas Governor George. W. Bush and his plans for White House 2000
Elizabeth Dole for President Exploratory Committee
Fred Thompson for President in 2000 Information about Fred Thompson running for President of the United States in the year 2000
Bob Smith for President 2000 United States Presidential Election
Jesse "The Mind" Ventura for President 2000 United States Presidential Election
America for Americans A Page Supporting Pat Buchanan For The 2000 Presidency
Buchanan 2000 Go Pat go? Pat Buchanan for President in 2000?
Lamar Alexander for President
Alan Keyes for President 2000
John Hagelin for President Natural Law Party Presidential Candidate
Doug Ross For Governor of Michigan (Democratic Party)
Ronnie Musgrove Campaign for Governor 1999 Mississippi Gubernatorial Election
Rick Workman for Clark County Commission '98 (Las Vegas) Nevada
Tom Y. Santos for Board of Equalization Democratic candidate for District 2 of the California Board of Equalization in November 1998
Electronic Filing of Campaign Data Queriable Databases of campaign finance information from electronically filed venues
Representative Lee Greenfield Web page of Minnesota (USA) State Representative Lee Greenfield
Ron Mullins for U.S. Senate Candidate for United States Senate - Democrat from Washington State in 2000
Hillary Clinton US Senator from New York 2000 Senate Race
The Riefenberg 2000 Campaign Mark Riefenberg Republican Candidate for Illinois State Rep. 51st District
Ed Flanagan for U.S. Senate (Vermont)
Ron Oden for U.S. Congress Campaign Website
Dale Ritchey for Georgia State House 34th District
Bill Sublette for Congress
Greg Bailey for Missouri State Senate
Dave Lambert for Troy (MI) City Council Official website

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