European Union (3:3:2 Representations of EU in the Member & in Foreign Countries)

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Member Countries

European Parliament
European Parliament information offices
Office in Austria Wien
Office in Belgium Brussel/Bruxelles
Office in Bulgaria Sofia
Office in Cyprus Nicosia
Office in Czech Republic Prague
Office in Denmark København
Office in Estonia Tallinn
Office in Finland Helsinki
Office in France Paris
Office in France Marseille
Office in Germany Berlin
Office in Greece Athinai
Office in Hungary Budapest
Office in Ireland Dublin
Office in Italy Roma
Office in Latvia Riga
Office in Lithuania Vilnius
Office in Luxembourg Luxembourg
Office in Malta Valletta
Office in the Netherlands Den Haag
Office in Poland Warsaw
Office in Portugal Lisboa
Office in Romania Bucarest
Office in Slovakia Bratislava
Office in Slovenia Ljubljana
Office in Spain Madrid
Office in Spain Barcelona
Office in Sweden Stockholm
Office in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland London

European Commission
Representation of the European Commission in the Member States
Representation in Austria
Representation in Belgium
Representation in Bulgaria
Representation in Cyprus
Representation in Czech Republic
Representation in Denmark
Representation in Estonia
Representation in Finland
Representation in France
Representation in Germany
Representation in Greece
Representation in Hungary
Representation in Ireland
Representation in Italy
Representation in Latvia
Representation in Lithuania
Representation in Luxembourg
Representation in Malta
Representation in the Netherlands
Representation in Poland
Representation in Portugal
Representation in Romania
Representation in Slovakia
Representation in Slovenia
Representation in Spain
Representation in Sweden
Representation in the United Kingdom

Foreign Countries

Delegations of European Commission
Delegations of the European Commission in the world
European Commission - Delegations' Websites Directory
Delegation in Algeria
Delegation in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Delegation to Australia and New Zealand
Delegation in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Delegation to Brazil
Delegation to Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Thailand
Delegation in Ottawa, Canada
Delegation Chile
Delegation in Beijing, China (People's Republic)
Delegation to Colombia and Ecuador
Delegation in San José, Costa Rica
Delegation to Croatia
Delegation to Egypt
Delegation in Tbilisi, Georgia
Delegation to Guatemala
Delegation to Guyana and Suriname
Office in Hong Kong
Delegation to India, Nepal and Bhutan
Delegation to Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam
Delegation to the State of Israel
Delegation in Japan
Delegation in Mexico, Mexico City
Delegation to Morocco, Rabat
Delegation to Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala
Delegation to Norway and Iceland, Oslo
Delegation in Papua New Guinea
Delegation to Philippines
Delegation to Russia
Delegation in Syria
Delegation in Switzerland
Delegation in Tunis, Tunisia
Delegation in Turkey, Ankara
Delegation to Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus
Delegation to the United Nations, New York
Delegation to the United States of America, Washington
Delegation to the West Bank and Gaza Strip

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