Faroe Islands (Overseas territory of the Kingdom of Denmark)

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Elections in Faeroe Islands By Wikipedia
Politics of Faeroe Islands By Wikipedia
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Faroese Portal
Sambandsflokkurin Union Party
Fˇlkaflokkurin People's Party
Javnadarflokkurin Social-Democratic Party
Tjˇ­veldisflokkurin Republican Party
Unga Tjˇ­veldi­ Republican Youth
Sjßlvstýrisflokkurin Self-Government Party
Sosialurin Newspaper
DimmalŠtting Newspaper

Governments on the WWW: Faeroes By Gunnar Anzinger
Føroya Løgtings Parliament
Prime Minister's Office Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Education and Culture
The Faroese Employment Office
Toll- og Skattstova Customs and Tax Authority
Fíggjarmálará­i­ Treasury of the Faroes
Landsbanki Føroya The Faroese Governmental Bank
The National Library of the Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands Tourist Board
Faroe Islands Tourist Guide
Landsverkfrø­ingin Faroese office of public work
Hagstova Føroya Statistics Faroe Islands
The National Telecom Agency
Representation of the Faroes in London

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