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Elections in Hungary by Wikipedia
Politics of Hungary by Wikipedia
Parties and Elections in Hungary By Wolfram Nordsieck
Country Report on Hungary European Forum Country Updates
Political Parties
Politics (Hungarian)
HuDir Hungary.Network
Fidesz -Magyar Polgári Párt Alliance of Young Democrats - Civic Party
Fidesz Group in the National Assembly
Magyar Demokrata Fórum (MDF) Hungarian Democratic Forum
Magyar Szocialista Part (MSZP) Hungarian Socialist Party
MSZP Parliamentary Group
Szabad Demokratak Szovetsege (SZDSZ) Alliance of Free Democrats
SZDSZ Group in the National Assembly
Független Kisgazda - Földmunkás (FKGP) Independent Smallholders' Party
Magyar Igazság és Elet Pártja (MIEP) Hungarian Truth and Life Party
Munkáspárt (MP) Workers' Party
Nemzeti Demokrata Párt (NDP) National Democratic Party
Zöld Demokraták Alliance of Green Democrats
The Transylvanian lobby
Magyar-Hon-Lap News from the Hungarian Christian Democratic Associatation
Ifjúsági Demokrata Fórum Alliance of center right political parties
Political Capital Policy Research and Consulting Institute
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