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Elections & Parliaments
Parliamentary and presidential elections around the world by Wilfried Derksen
Parliamentary Web sites around the world Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
PARLINE database Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
Elections and electoral systems around the world
Lijphart Election Archive
The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)
Institute of Election Analysis by Josh Leinsdorf
Common Borders Elections in Latin America
Database on Central and Eastern European Elections Joint Project University of Essex, IFES and ACEEEO

Political Parties and Movements
Political parties by Wikipedia
Parties Yahoo!
Parties and elections in Europe
Leftist Parties of the World by Nico Biver
Green Movement Greens in the World
The Greens - index Overview of Green political parties in the World
Social Democratic Parties around the world
ComInterNet: Listing of World Communist & Workers Parties
Liberal International Member Parties
Mondo Politico: Political Parties Directory (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland)
Politics dmoz - open directory project

Countries & Regions
The World Factbook
Countries Yahoo!
Countries dmoz - open directory project
Country and Travel Information German Foreign Office
Country Background Notes U.S. State Department
Foreign Travel Advice UK Foreign and Commonweatlh Office
Information by Country OECD
Internet Guide by Encyclopaedia Britannica
Atlapedia Online
Geography Guide at the Mining Co. by Matt Rosenberg
Nations Online A guide to countries and states in the world
Russian and East European Network Information Center (REENIC) The University of Texas at Austin
Russian and East European Studies Internet Resources
Erik Herron's Guide to Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Baltics
National Political Index (USA) Link to 3500 political web sites
The Virtual Library: Regional Studies
The Almanac of Politics and Government by Keynote Publishing Co.
African Studies
Index on Africa
Afrika im Internet by Manuel Gnos
Arab Net
Arab DataNet
European Forum Country Updates Country Reports on Eastern Europe
European Politics by Jørgen Olafsen
Latin America on the Net Links to political organizations and information on Latin American Politics
Political Database of the Americas
National Liberation Movements and Third World Solidarity
AdmiWeb Internet services of the spanish governments
World world

Governments on the WWW Links to most governmental institutions in the World by Gunnar Anzinger
Government Resources on the Web The University of Michigan Library
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization
Minorities and Unrepresented Nations in the World Trasnational Radical Party
Flags Of The World (FOTW)
Munisource Municipal Information
American Government and Public Policy
Ministries of Foreign Affairs Online
European Governments on-line
Diplomatic Services online A detailed survey of websites of ministries of foreign affairs, embassies, and other diplomatic resources
Regional Councils of Governments and Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Terrorist Group Profiles
Idealist 14,000 organizations
International Organization Web Sites 5,252 INGOs & IGOs 
Meta-Index for Non-Profit Organizations
Directory of Labor Union Organizations
International Society for Individual Liberty
Geneva International The database of international institutions, permanent missions and companies
Soman's Revolutionary Socialist Links Page
Protest.Net Listings of protests, meetings and conferences around the world
Jay's Leftist and "Progressive" Internet Resources Directory
Movements for National, Ethnic Liberation or Regional Autonomy by Broadleft

Political Leaders
Political Leaders (1945-2000) A chronological listing of contemporary rulers from 179 countries and 3 international organizations. Each file offers the Heads of State and Government, ruling terms and deceased date. (see also: [European Governments] - [Rulers longest-time in office] - [Contemporary women rulers]
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments CIA
Enciclopedia geopolitica: Leaders ed elezioni degli Stati del Mondo Countries leaders, governements, elections and history by Francesco Chirico (Italian)
Statesmen of the World Since 1760 by B. M. Cahoon

Embassies and Consulates
The Electronic Embassy
Embassy World
The Embassy Network
Diplomatic Services online
Embassies and Consulates worldwide by Renato Caccia The First Worldwide Consul Directory
Embajada Online Embassies and Consulates

Media World Newspapers, Magazines and News Sites in English
News and Media Yahoo!
News dmoz - open directory project
Arab World News
Missionary International Service News Agency (MISNA)

International Constitutional Law (ICL)
CataLaw The Internet's Grand Central Legal Station
Constitutions, Treaties, and Official Declarations
Public International Law by Francis Auburn
Latin American Constitutions
Constituciones Hispanoamericanas Latin American Constitutions
Law and Politics Internet Guide
Droit francophone
Bibliothèque électronique de Droit Africain / African Law e-Library
Abortion & Reproductive Rights Web Sites
Internet Public Library
Mishpat Legal Information Online law and government portal
Banking & Trade
Central Bank websites
Fair Trade Resource Network
Rexco's International Trade Resources
International Trade Organizations Yahoo!

Marketing & International Business
Marketing & International Business by Syed Tariq Anwar, T. Boone Pickens College of Business, West Texas A&M University
Country Commercial Guides US State Department
International Business Resources on the WWW Michigan State University
International Business Resources by Rita W. Moss, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Business and Economic Sources by J. Murrey Atkins Library
Business: International Research Guide University of Central Florida
International Development Links

About Politics
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library International Affairs Resources
The Online Intelligence Project
AJAX United States and International Government Military and Intelligence Agency Access
International Affairs
Everyday life of a Cyber Diplomate by Stefano Baldi
Links Canadian Institute of International Affairs
La sélection de liens Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon
Political Science in the World Wide Web Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Tübingen
Political Science Resources by Richard Kimbers
Politics Gateway UK Political Studies Association