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World Leaders by CIA
World Political Leaders (1945-2013) A chronological listing of contemporary rulers from 179 countries and 3 international organizations. Each file offers the Heads of State and Government, ruling terms and deceased date. (see also: [Biographies of Political Leaders])
Transnational Radical Party
Liberal International
International Federation of Liberal Youth
International Network of Liberal Women
Africa Liberal Network (ALN)
Organisation of African Liberal Youth (OALY) Liberal Energizing African Democracy
Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD)
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) The party for liberal democrat values in Europe
Alliance of Liberal and Democrats for Europe Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
European Liberal Forum
European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)
Turn Left The home of liberalism on the web
The Libertarian International Organization (LIO)
International Society for Individual Liberties (ISIL)
The Socialist International
European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity
Forum Social-Democracy
World Federation of Democratic Youth Worldwide federation of left wing youth organizations
International League of Religious Socialists (ILRS)
Committee for a Workers' International
International Union of Socialist Youth IUSY
Young European Socialists ECOSY
World Socialist Web Site International Committee of the Fourth International
Centrist Democrat International Internationale Démocrate Centriste - Internacional Demócrata de Centro
ODCA - Organización Demócrata Cristiana de América Christian Democrat Organization of America
Green Parties Worldwide
The Greens - index
Global Greens Coordination
Green and Alternative Parties
World Ecological Parties
IDU - International Democrat Union
IDU Member Parties
IYDU - International Young Democrat Union
ComInterNet: Listing of World Communist Parties
International Communist Current (ICC)
Maoist Internationalist Movement MIM
International Socialist Tendency
The Humanist Party
Natural Law Party
World Party