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The Jewish World
Judaism and Jewish Resources
Giving Wisely The Internet Directory of Israeli Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations
HaReshima The Jewish Internet Portal
Kibbutz Network
Hakibbutz Ha'artzi Kibbutzs Federation
Givat Haviva Educational Intitute of Advanced Studies
Hakibbutz Hadati Religious Kibbutz Movement
Magen David Adom
Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
Four Mothers Leaving Lebanon in Peace
Kav Adom The site of Israeli citizens who support the immediate withdrawal of I.D.F from Lebanon
Look to Horizon Women and Mothers for peace
Jewishg Peace Fellowship
Courage to refuse Reserve Combatants Letter
Yesh Gvul There's a limit
Ta'ayush Arab-Jewish Partnership
Common Denominator
Justice for Jonathan Pollard
IPCRI Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information
IRIS Information Regarding Israel's Security
Professors for a Strong Israel Information about israeli politics and the peace process
Golan Heights Residents Committee
Gamla shall not fall again
Shamash The Jewish Internet Consortium
The association of Forty
Women in green (Women for Israel's tomorrow)
One Jerusalem Campaign to preserve a united Jersualem under Israel's sovereinty
United Jerusalem
Masada 2000 Perspectives on Israel
Terror Victims Association
Victims of Arab Terror
Bridges for Peace Christians for Israel
Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
Jabotinsky Institute
The peace Encyclopedia by Yahoodi
Zo Artzeinu - This is our Land Jewish activist organisation to save Eretz Y'Israel
Gedud HaIvri Zion Peace Corps
Manhigut Time to act!
Jewish Community of Hebron
Medina Yehudit For an independent Jewish State in Judea and Samaria
Yesha will Dwell Forever For the Rights of the people of Judea, Samaria and Golan
Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement
Root and Branch Association Promotes cooperation between the State of Israel and other nations, and between Jews and B'nai Noah
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
Gush Shalom The peace bloc
Israel Hasbara Committee
True Peace
The Temple Institute
Netzah Yisrael Civil Rights Movement based on Torah values
Keren Ha-Yesod United Israel Appeal
Shurat Ha-Din Israel Law Center
Navah A Non-profit Association for Volunteering and Assisting the Hurt
The International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers
The Koby Mandell Foundation
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
Foundation for Constitutional Democracy
HaGalil A German-Jewish Internet Portal Combating Antisemitism
Israeli Peace Movement and the Peace Process in the Middle-East
The Right Road to Peace Israeli Cabine Minister Benny Elon's Peace Plan

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