Israel (3:5 Governments)

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Local Authorities
Governments on the WWW: Israel by Gunnar Anzinger
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Israel by Central Intelligence Agency
Government by Nadav Har'El
Israel Government Gateway
The MFA hot list
The President of the State of Israel
The Knesset The Parliament of Israel
Israeli Government Ministries
The Office of the Prime Minister
Israel Foreign Ministry [Arabic website]
Ministry of Industry Trade & Labor
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
Ministry of Religious Affairs
Ministry of Construction and Housing
Ministry of Education and Culture website (Hebrew)
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Agricultural Research Organization - Volcani Center
Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport
Ministry of Communications
Ministry of Defense
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF)
Ministry of Tourism
The Central Bureau of Statistics
Bank of Israel
Lapam Government Publications Office
Israel Lands Authority
Israel Police
The Johannesburg Summit 2002 Israeli Diplomatic Missions
Israel Information Service
National Insurance Institute of Israel
The Jewish Agency For Israel
Embassy of Israel, Washington, D.C.
Embassy of Israel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Embassy of Israel, London, U.K.
Embassy of Israel, Berlin, Germany
Embassy of Israel in Copenhagen, Denmark
Embassy of Israel in Paris, France
Embassy of Israel in The Hague, The Netherlands
Consulate General of Israel, Hong Kong
Embassy of Israel in Oslo, Norway
Embassy of Israel in Tokyo, Japan
Embassy of Israel in Warsaw, Poland
Embassy of Israel in Madrid, Spain
Embassy of Israel in Stockholm, Sweden
Embassy of Israel in Bern, Switzerland
Embassy of Israel in Ankara, Turkey
Israeli Mission to the European Union, Bruxelles
Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations, New York

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