Israel - Elections (May 17, 1999)

Elections in Israel, May 1999 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Elections 1999 By Jerusalem Post
Elections 1999 By Yediot Aharonot (Hebrew)
Election Watch 1999 By Israel Wire
Elections 1999 Ariga Editorials
Reshuffling the Deck A look at the key contenders in the first-round, May 17 balloting. By Newsweek.
Elections 1999 Israeli Election Polls
New Elections Planned in Israel By Mitchell Bard
The Israeli Elections - Guide for the Perplexed By Ellis Shuman
Ehud Barak Prime Minister candidate of Labour Party
Benny Begin Prime Minister candidate of Herut, Moledet and Tekuma Parties
Yitzhak Mordechai Prime Minister candidate of Center Party (in hebrew)
Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister candidate of Likud (in hebrew)

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