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The Constitution ICL
Elections in Lithuania by Wikipedia
Politics of Lithuania by Wikipedia
Parties and Elections in Lithuania By Wolfram Nordsieck
Lietuvos Partijos Political parties in Lithuania
Organizations (Lithuania On-Line)
Government List by Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Central Electoral Committee
Elections to the Seimas 2004 by Central Electoral Committee
Elections to the Seimas 2000 by Central Electoral Committee
Tėvynės sąjunga (Lietuvos konservatoriai) The Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives)
Jaunuju Konservatoriu Lyga (JKL) Young Conservative League
Liberalu ir Centro Sąjunga (LiCS) Liberal and Centre Union
Lietuvos Liberalu Sąjunga (LLS) Liberal Union
Lietuvos liberalus jaunimas (LLJ) Lithuanian Liberal Youth
Lietuvos Zaliuju Judejimas Lithuanian Green Movement
Lietuvos krikscionys demokratatai (LKD) Lithuanian Christian Democrats
Naujoji Sajunga (socialliberalai) New Union (social-liberal)
Nuosaikiuju konservatoriu sajunga (NKS) Moderate Conservative Union
Lietuvos socialdemokratu partija (LSDP) Lithuanian Social-Democratic Party
Lietuvos politinių kalinių ir tremtinių sąjunga (LPKTS) Union of Lithuanian Political Prisoners and Deportees
Lietuvos centro sajunga (LCS) Lithuanian Centre Union
Liberalu Demokratu Partija Liberal Democratic Party
Tëvynës Liaudies Partija Homeland People's Party
Nacionaline Centro Partija National Centre Party
Lietuvos Socialistu Partija Socialist Party of Lithuania
Tautos Pazangos Partija The Spirit of People Party
Lietuvos Kelias Lithuania's Way
Darbo Partija Labour Party
Lietuviu Tautinio Jaunimo Sajunga Lithuanian Ethnic Youth Party
LGL - Lithuanian Gay and Lesbian Organization
Open Society Fund Lithuania
Lithuanian Free Market Institute

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