Lithuania (2:3 Governments)

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Lithuanian Government (Lithuania On-Line)
Governments on the WWW: Lithuania by Gunnar Anzinger
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Lithuania by Central Intelligence Agency
Lithuanian Home Page
Lietuvos Respublikos Prezidentas President of the Republic of Lithuania
Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (Parliament)
Baltic Assembly, Baltic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council
Government of Republic of Lithuania
Prime Minister's Office
Vidaus reikalu ministerija Ministry of Interior
Krasto apsaugos ministerija Ministry of National Defence
Zemes ir misku ūkio ministerija Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Susisiekimo ministerija Ministry of Transport of Communications
Kultūros ministerija Ministry of Culture
Department of Cultural Heritage Protection Ministry of Culture
Ekonomikos ministerija Economy Ministry
Aplinkos apsaugos ministerija Ministry of Environment
European Committee
Finansu ministerija Ministry of Finance
Customs Department Ministry of Finance
Uzsienio reikalu ministerija Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Justice
Socialinės apsaugos minsterijos Ministry of Social Security and Labour
Sveikatos apsaugos ministerija Ministry of Health Care
Svietimo ir mokslo ministerija Ministry of Education and Science
The Constitutional Court
State Control
Lithuanian Department of Statistics
Lithuanian Companies & Organizations The most important information on companies and organizations, their products, services and other activities, exported and imported goods, as well as some economic indicators
Lithuanian Development Agency
State Property Fund
Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Lithuania
Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, USA
Siauliu Apskrities Virsininko Administracija Siauliai County Administration
Vilniaus Apskrities Virsininko Administracija Vilnius County Administration

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