Kingdom of Nepal (1:3 Parties & Organizations)

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Nepal part 2 Nepal part 3
Interim Constitution of Nepal (2007)
Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal (1990)
The Nepal Constitution of 1990: Preliminary Considerations
Elections in Nepal by Wikipedia
Politics of Nepal by Wikipedia
Ayo-Gorkhali Nepal Link Page by Sanjay Bajracharya
NepalNet Electronic Networking for Sustainable Development in Nepal
Nepal Information Directory
Explore Nepal
Nepal Home Page by Rajendra Shrestha
General Elections 2056 BS (3 and 17 may 1999)
Nepal Election Portal
Election Commission
Nepali Organizations Abroad
Nepal Democracy
Nepali Institutions by Nepal Democracy
Nepali Congress Party (NCP)
Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) (UML)
Nepal Samajwadi Janata Dal A newly formed left to center political party
The People's War in Nepal
General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT)
Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN)

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