Palestinian National Authority (2:3 Governments)

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Governments on the WWW: Palestine By Gunnar Anzinger
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Office of the President
Palestinian Legislative Council
Planning Center Office of the President
Office of the Prime Minister Palestinian National Authority
Council of Ministers
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Environmental Affairs
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of National Economy
Ministry of Planning
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Culture
The Commission of Human Rights and NOG's Affairs
Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities
Central Election Commission
Palestinian Monetary Authority
Government Computer Center
State Information Service
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
The Palestinian Trade Development Center
Negotiations Affairs Department The Palestinian Authority
Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction - PECDAR Palestinian National Authority
Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science
The Palestinian Energy & Environment Research Center
National Plan of Action for Palestinian Children
General Delegation of Palestine in Canada
Palestine General Delegation - Helsinki - Finland
Palestine General Delegation - Mexico

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