Papua New Guinea (2:3 Governments)

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Papua New Guinea part 1 Papua New Guinea part 3
Governments on the WWW: Papua New Guinea by Gunnar Anzinger
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Papua New Guinea by Central Intelligence Agency
Government by PNG Gossip Newsletter
Office of Information and Communication
The Official Entry Point to the Government of Papua New Guinea
Office of Prime Minister
Department of Agriculture and Livestock
International Education Agency of Papua New Guinea
The Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Department of Health
Department of Justice
Department of Mineral Resources
Department of Petroleum & Energy
Department of Police
Department of Works and Implementation
Department of Treasury and Planning
Investment Promotion Authority IPA
Telecommunication Authority PANGTEL
Datec PNG Internet Service Provider
Securities Commission
Office of Civil Aviation
Balus Programme Office of Civil Aviation
UNDP Papua New Guinea,
Embassy of Papua New Guinea in the Americas
Bank of Papua New Guinea

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