South Africa (2:4 Organizations)

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Organizations The Marques Southern African Internet Database
Parliamentary Monitoring Group
Institute for a Democratic Alternative in South Africa IDASA is an independant thinktank with the purpose of promoting democracy in South Africa
The Helen Suzman Foundation An institute that promotes liberal democracy
The South African Institute of International Affairs
Congress of South African Trade Unions
FEDUSA - Federation of Unions of South Africa
Solidarity Independent Mine Workers' Union
National Union of Mineworkers
The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa
Chemical Workers' Industrial Union
Public Servants Association
South African Teachers' Union
IMATU Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union
HOSPERSA Hospital and Other Service Personnel Trade Union of South Africa
South African Police Union
UASA United Association of South Africa
VolksHulp 2000 Welfare organization which helps poor and destitute Afrikaaners
Earthlife Africa
Endangered Wildlife Trust The EWT is a non-government organisation with a mission to conserve biodiversity in southern Africa
Wildlife Action Group
Free Me Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife
PAGAD People Against Gangsterism and Drugs
JCCI - Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Port Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce and Industry
South African Chambers of Commerce & Industry
The Swaziland Chamber of Commerce & Industry
The Freedom of Expression Institute
South Africa - The truth! Real issues about South Africa
Save South Africa This site is dedicated to fighting crime in South Africa
South African Institute of Race Relations
Orania For the establishment of an independent Afrikaaner state
Boere-Vryheidsbeweging Boer Liberation Movement
Free Market Foundation
South African Student's Congress - SASCO
F W De Klerk Foundation Working for peace in Multicultural Societies
Jewish South Africa
AIDS Page by UDM
Treatment Action Campaign Fighting for affordable treatment for people with HIV
AIDS Consortium
Health-E Online Health News Service
South African Prisoners' Organisation For Human Rights (SAPOHR)
Anti Privatisation Forum
National Land Committee
South African Gunowners' Association
Groep van 63 Organization that defends the rigths, language and culture of the Afrikaaner people
Child Abuse Action Group
Africa Christian Action
Christians for Truth
Frontline Fellowship
Libertarian Society
Praag Pro-Afrikaaner Action Group
Speak Out Against Trafficking of Women and Children
The San of Southern Africa The aboriginal people of Southern Africa
Stop Boer Genocide!
Stop South African Genocide!
The South African Exiles Home Page Web Site of South African and Rhodesian expatriates
ACESS Alliance for Childrens Entitlement to Social Security
SWEAT The Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce

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