Sudan (2:3 Governments)

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Governments on the WWW: Sudan By Gunnar Anzinger
Sudan Government by
The Guide of the Governmental Websites Official
Sudan Parliament
The Sudan Government's official web site
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Finance and National Economy
Ministry of Investment
Sudan Judiciary
Peace Advisory Bureau
The Central Bank of Sudan
Sudan Telecommunications
National Electricity Corporation
Sudan Embassies around the world
Embassy of Sudan, Washington, D.C.
Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Canada
Ambassade du Soudan à Paris Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, Paris, France
Botschaft der Republik Sudan Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Bonn, Germany
Sudan Embassy in India
Embassy of Sudan in Tripoli, Libya
Sudan Embassy at South Africa
Sudan Embassy in London, UK
Mission of the Republic of Sudan to the United Nations in New York
Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan and Permanent Mission to the United Nations and International Organisations, Vienna

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