Sweden (3:5 Governments)

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Läns Counties
Kommuner Municipalities
Governments on the WWW: Sweden By Gunnar Anzinger
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Sweden by Central Intelligence Agency
The Government and the Government Offices of Sweden
Kungl. Hovstaterna Royal Court
Sverige Riksdag The Swedish Parliament
The Saami Parliament
Regeringskansliet Government
Regeringskansliet - EU info
Press information
The Swedish military (in Swedish only)
Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (English)
Swedish IT- Commisson The Commission to Promote the Widespread Utilization of Information Technology is to advise the Government on overall, strategic questions in the information technology field
Skolverket The National Agency for Education
Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB) Statistics
Lantmäteriverket National Land Survey
Statens kulturrådet National Council of Cultural Affairs
Grundutbildningsrådet Council for the Renewal of Undergraduate Education
Swedish Natural Science Research Council
Arbetslivsinstitutet The National Institute for Working Life
Livsmedelsverket Swedish National Food Administration
Sweden Abroad The web site for Swedish Diplomatic Missions abroad
The Embassy of Sweden, Washington D.C.
The Swedish Information Service in New York
The Embassy of Sweden, Madrid
The Embassy of Sweden, Ottawa
The Embassy of Sweden, Paris
Swedish Embassy in Russia
Embassy of Sweden in London

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