Kingdom of Thailand (2:3 Governments)

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Governments on the WWW: Thailand by Gunnar Anzinger
Royal Thai Government (Pundit)
Government Agencies Directory from Thai Index
His Majesty the King
The Parliament
Royal Thai Government
Office of the Prime Minister
Advisory Council to the Prime Minister
Public Relations Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Justice
Office of the Judicial Affairs
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Public Health
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
Ministry of University Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives
Central Bank of Thailand
Office of the Attorney General
The Stock Exchange SET
The Communications Authority of Thailand
Royal Thai Embassies - Royal Thai Consulates
Royal Thai Embassy - Washington D.C.
Royal Thai Embassy in Canberra, Australia
Royal Thai Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Royal Thai Consulate General, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Royal Thai Embassy in Santaigo, Chile
Royal Thai Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark
Royal Thai Embassy in Bonn, Germany
Royal Thai Consulate in Berlin, Germany
Royal Thai Embassy in London, Great Britain
Royal Thai Consulate in Hong Kong
Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels Mission of Thailand to the European Union
Royal Thai Embassy in Rome, Italy
Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo, Norway
Royal Thai Embassy in Madrid, Spain
Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden
Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations in Geneva

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