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The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey
Pointers to Politicians in Turkey by Mustafa Akgul
Elections in Turkey by Wikipedia
Politics of Turkey by Wikipedia
Turkwelt Turkish Portal
State System and Politics by Embassy of Turkey in Washington D.C.
Political Parties
Turkish Parties
Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (AKP) Justice and Development Party
Cumhuriyetci Halk Partisi (CHP) Republican People's Party
Anavatan Partisi (ANAP) (Motherland Party)
Dogru Yol Partisi (DYP) True Path Party
Milliyetci Hareket Partisi (MHP) Nationalist Movement Party
DHKP-C Revolutionary People's Liberation Party and its Front
Liberal Demokrat Party (LDP)
Türkiye Komünist Partisi (TKP) Communist Party
Türkiye Komünist Emek Partisi (TKEP/Leninist) Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist
Emegin Partisi (EMEP)
Demokratik Kitle Partisi (DKP)
Demokrat Türkiye Partisi (DTP) Democratic Turkey Party
Buyuk Birlik Partisi (BBP)
Özgürlük ve Dayanisma Partisi (ODP) Freedom and Solidarity Party
Devrimci Sosyalist Isçi Partisi Revolutionary Socialist Workers' Party
Isçi Partisi Worker's Party
MLKP Marxist-Leninist Communist Party
Isci Demokrasisi Workers' Democracy
THKP-C/HD People's Liberation Party-Front of Turkey/Peoples Revolutionary Vanguard
Yeniden Dogus Partisi Rebirth Party
Baris ve Demokrasi Platformu Peace and Democracy Platform
Demokratik Sol Parti Democratic Left Party (social-democratic)
Yurt Partisi
Genç Parti
Bagimsiz Türkiye Partisi
Saadet Partisi Felicity Party
Yesiller Greens of Turkey
Lazuri Dobadona Partiya/Lazca Vatan Partisi Laz Home Party Turkish Law Resources

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