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National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI)
Oil, Industry, and Government: The American Petroleum Institute
American Association of Small Property Owners
Economic Policy Institute (EPI) A nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that seeks to broaden the public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy.
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) a nonpartisan research and policy institute that provides timely analysis on government policies and programs that affect people of low-and moderate-incomes.
Center for the Study of American Business improves public understanding of the American business system and to foster a public policy environment in which the U.S. market economy can prosper.
Concord Coalition A not-for-profit, grassroots organization whose mission is to educate Americans about the impact of the deficit on the economy and future generations
USA ENGAGE A Broad Coalition of Americans Speaking Out for US Engagement Overseas
Economic Strategy Institute works to define a new economic agenda by challenging old assumptions and developing an integrated, macro/micro economic strategy to realize the full potential of America's rich material and human resources
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment advancing conservation and environmental values consistent with individual freedom and responsibility
Atlas Economic Research Foundation Helps to create, develop, advise and support independent public policy research institutes internationally
Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) A pro-market, public policy group committed to advancing the principles of free enterprise and limited government
American Land Rights Association dedicate to the protection of private property rights
Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) advancing the public's, the media's and policymakers' knowledge and understanding of employee benefits and their importance to our nation's economy
Institute for Socioeconomic Studies exploring approaches to comprehensive welfare reform, work incentives, national health care financing, and related social policy issues
The National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) conducing research and enhancing public understanding of social insurance
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research Researches and promotes solutions to employment related problems
Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education not-for-profit educational organization whose sole mission is to educate people about the benefits of honest money and the harm caused by its absence
Greenberg Research Online strategic issue research for organizations and companies
Left Business Observer newsletter on economics and politics
Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (MassINC) an independent organization devoted to nonpartisan research, education, and journalism, its primary area of interest is in the economic and social issues that affect working- and middle-class families in Massachusetts
Regional Financial Associates Multidimensional analysis of the U.S. economy
Washington University - Economics Working Paper Archive free distribution of working papers in economics
Web Ec a List of Economics Journals
American Economic Association
Online Economics Network a source for economic and financial information manteined by Dr. Ed Yardeni, the Chief Economist of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell in New York
Marketing & International Business Links by Syed Tariq Anwar
National Conference of State Social Securitiy Administrators (NCSSSA)
The National Institute on Money in State Politics Independent source of information on campaign contributions in state politics
Governors' Ethanol Coalition To increase ethanol use, decrease imports, improve the environment and the economy
Federal Funds Information for States (FFIS)
Committee for Economic Development
American Economic Alert
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Center for the Advancement of Capitalism
Marketing Resources Online Marketing Degree
Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) promoting the political philosophy of less government
Citizens for an Alternative Tax System
Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ)
Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC) a small business advocacy group working to roll back the burdensome tax and regulatory demands on business and entrepreneurs
Tax Foundation monitors fiscal issues at the federal, state, and local levels
Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) market-based solutions to public policy problems
Rowbotham & Company LLP International Tax and Business Resources
Max Tax 25%
Americans for Fair Taxation
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) advance and defend the rights of working people everywhere
Labor Policy Association a public policy advocacy organization of the senior human resource executives of America's major corporations whose purpose is to ensure that U.S. employment policy supports the competitive goals of its member companies and their employees
Local Investment Commission (LINC) involving efforts by the state of Missouri to work with neighborhood leaders, citizens, business, civic and labor leaders to improve the lives of its children and families in Kansas City and Jackson County
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
University of California at Berkeley Institute for Industrial Relations brings together faculty from several academic departments and supports multi-disciplinary research about labor and employment relations
University of Illinois at Urbana Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations

University of Minnesota - Human Resource and Industrial Relations Center is the analysis and practice of all dimensions of the employment relationship--staffing, training, and development; organizational behavior and theory; compensation and benefits; labor market analysis; and labor relations and collective bargaining
Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) open markets; free and open competition; market-based solutions; intellectual property protection and use of voluntary standards development
The Food Institute
The Better Business Bureau
Agricolture and Food
Livestock Marketing Information Center an effort to provide economic projections to the livestock industry.
APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service)provides leadership in ensuring the health and care of animals and plants, improving agricultural productivity and competitiveness, and contributing to the national economy and the public health
National Pork Producers Council
National Farmers Union
American Farm Bureau Federation
American Soybean Association
Corn Refiners Association
National Corn Growers Association
U.S. Feed Grains Council A nonprofit organization that develops export markets for U.S. corn, grain sorghum, barley and their related products.
National Broiler Council
American Egg Board
National Cattlemen's Beef Association
U.S. Poultry & Egg Association
American Feed Industry Association
Egg Clearinghouse, Inc.
California Poultry Industry Federation
Egg Nutrition Center
United Egg Producers (UEP)
Northwest Old English Game Bantam Club
Chickens on the Electronic Highway
National Turkey Federation
Trade & Jobs, Professions
U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC)
The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (JAYCEE)
American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)
American Bar Association (ABA) the world's largest voluntary professional association has long served a dual role as advocate for the profession and for the public
New York State Trial Lawyers Association(NYSTLA)
American Electronics Association
United States Internet Providers Association (USIPA)
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) the principal society and voice serving the aerospace profession
American Petroleum Institute (API)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
Electronic Industries Association (EIA)
Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc. (IIAA)
Information Technology Association of American (ITAA)
National Association of College Stores
National Association of Independent Insurers (NAII)
The National Association for Social Workers (NASW)
National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA)
National Federation of Independent Business small business advocacy organization
PSA: The Bond Market Trade Association (PSA) represents securities firms and banks that underwrite, trade and sell debt securities, both domestically and internationally
Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS)
Securities Industry Association (SIA)
Health Industry Manufacturers Association (HIMA)
National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS)
National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
Energy Information Administration (EIA) an independent statistical and analytical agency maintaining a comprehensive data and information program relevant to energy resources and reserves, energy production, energy demand, energy technologies, and related financial and statistical information
National Rural Electric Cooperation Association (NRECA) representing the national interests of cooperative electric utilities and the consumers they serve
International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) a coalition representing the U.S. copyright-based industries -- films, videos, recordings, music, business software, interactive entertainment software, books and journals -- in bilateral and multilateral efforts to improve international protection of copyrighted works
American Chemical Society
American Gas Association
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) enhancement of global competitiveness of U.S. business and the American quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems and promoting their integrity
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Association of Petroleum Re-Refiners
Coordinating Research Council engineering and environmental studies on the interaction between automotive equipment and petroleum products
Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies serves the Petroleum Industry in various accounting areas such as Joint Interest, Audit & Revenue
Gas Processors Association an organization of operating and producing companies engaged in the processing of natural gas
Gas Research Institute natural gas industry's management organization for research, development, and commercialization (RD&C) of new gas technologies, discovering, developing, and deployng technologies and information that measurably benefit gas customers and the industry and enhance the value of gas energy service
Independent Lubricants Manufacturers Association
Independent Petroleum Association of America dedicated to ensuring a strong, viable domestic oil and natural gas industry, recognizing that an adequate and secure supply of energy is essential to the national economy
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America a trade organization that advocates regulatory, legislative and individual positions of importance to the natural gas pipeline industry
Maine Oil Dealers Association
National Association of Manufacturers enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers and improve living standards for working Americans
National Oil Recyclers Association Advancing the interests of companies worldwide engaged in the safe recycling of oil
National Propane Gas Association
Petroleum Marketers Association of America
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council The National Technology Clearinghouse for Oil and Gas Producers
Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation facilitating integrated business processes and computing technology for the exploration and production (E&P) segment of the international petroleum industry
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association promoting the interests and welfare of independent oil and gas operators, working interest owners, royalty owners, and those businesses who provide services for the energy industry
Western States Petroleum Associationrepresents the full spectrum of those companies which account for most of the exploration, production, refining, transportation and marketing of petroleum and petroleum products in six Western states
First Union Corporation
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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