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Northern Ireland
Selected Links by UKPolitical.info
Politics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland by Wikipedia
Elections in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland by Wikipedia
Political party Links by UK Electoral Commission
Political Parties & Youth Organizations in United Kingdom by Ben den Butter
E-Mail your MP A List of M.P.s e-mail addresses
MORI Polls Public opinion researcher, political opinion polls
Activist Network The UK's Radical Cyberspace
Mondo Politico A non-partisan political voice
Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R Campaign for Direct Democracy in Britain
The Public Whip How MPs vote in UK Parliament
PoliticsDirect Comprehensive and up-to-date political information
Scottish Politics by Yahoo!
The Scottish National Party SNP
SNP Students
Scottish Republican Socialist Party SRSP
The Scottish Socialist Party
Plaid Cymru (Wales)
Ulster Unionist Party
Ulster Democratic Unionist Party
The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Sinn Féin
Republican Sinn Féin
Social Democratic and Labour Party of Northern Ireland
Fundamentally Green
Green Party
Scottish Green Party
The Northern Ireland Green Party
Green Anarchist
Independent Green Voice
Progressive Unionist Party
The Workers Party of Ireland
Socialist Workers Party(Ireland)
British National Party
National Democrats
Communist Party of Britain (CPB)
CPB Welsh Committee
Communist Party of Great Britain
New Communist Party of Britain
The Alliance for Workers' Liberty
Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG)
Third Way Voice of the Radical Centre
Libertarian Alliance
Libertarian Alliance Publications
The Democracy Movement: No EU Constitution
UK Independence Party
Natural Law Party
Mebyon Kernow The Party For Cornwall
The Liberal Party
The Socialist Party
The Socialist Labour Party
The Socialist Equality Party
Socialist Workers Party Bristol District
Welsh Socialist Alliance
The Socialist Party of Great Britain
Alliance for Green Socialism
Legalise Cannabis Alliance
Islamic Party of Britain
National Front
Official Monster Raving Loony Party
English Democrats Party
Pro Life Alliance
Xat Peaceful Revolution Network
New Party
The Capitalist Party
RESPECT - The Unity Coalition Political party which has grown out of the anti-war movement in the United Kingdom
RESPECT - Lewisham and Greenwich Branch
The Freedom Party
Imperial Party The political party for Monarchists and Traditionalists in Great Britain
Conservative Democratic Alliance
England First Party
Independent Working Class Association (IWCA) Socialist working class political party
The Organisation of Free Democrats
UK Community Issues Party
The Co-operative Party
The Veritas Party
The Common Good
Tony Blair and Iraq
The Tony Blair Dossier Regularly updated news and quotes by and about Blair. Plus biographical data and useful links
Margaret Thatcher Foundation A resources center to promote the political legacy of Margaret Thatcher

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