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Public Secta Leading Portal for Public Sector in the UK
UK Citizens Online Democracy Britain's first national online democracy service
Foreign & Security Policy Original writing on foreign and security policy
Levellers The social libertarians of England's 17th Century are now on the Web, with a different agenda
The Centre for Citizenship A British pressure group for republican democracy
Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R Campaign for Direct Democracy in Britain
Make my vote count Campaign for fair UK voting
Electoral Reform Society ERS is a UK preasure group campaigning for electoral reform
Friends of the Earth
The Green Alliance
Unlock Democracy
The Libertarian Alliance
LSE Hayek Society Links to libertarian organisations
Hunt Saboteurs
Animal Concerns Community
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Irish Republican Prisoner Welfare Association Supporting Republican's Pow and their Families
Joint Declaration on Peace CAIN web service
Troops Out Movement
Education is not for Sale Campaign for Free Education
RGMR media and government relationsFeatures an opinion-former interview from UK government and parliament, media or business
Institute for War & Peace reporting (IWPR)
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
School's Out! National Organisation for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transpersons working in education
Red Action Progressive working class organisation
Unite Against Fascism
Lombard Street Research Economic Research and Consulting
Globalise Resistance
Jubilee Debt Campaign UK Pressure group that campaigns for the abolishon of poor countries debt
Defend Council Housing Aims to stop the government's sell-off of council housing stock
Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers
Health Concern The Campaign to Restore Emergency Health Care Facilities at Kidderminster Hospital
Barnardo's Child Welfare Organisation
Stop the War Coalition
Sovereignty In defence of freedom and national self-determination
Society for Individual Freedom
Republic A non-party group campaigning for an elected Head of State for UK
Make Poverty History
Action for Prisoner's Families Support for families of prisoners
Lord Bonkers' Diary A satirical look at British politics wriiten with sympathy for the Liberal cause
OutRage British Gay and human rights organization
Monarchy.net International Monarchist League
The Mercury Phoenix Trust Fighting Aids Worldwide
Elton John AIDS Foundation
The Legalise Cannabis Alliance UK
Farringdonstreet Fab British political blog
Care A Christian charity involved in caring, campaigning and communicating
Counter Culture Chrisitan Worldview in the Third Millenium
The Civic Trust Promotes progressive improvements in the quality of urban life
Campaign to Protect Rural England
RailFuture Independent organisation campaigning for better rail services for both passengers and freight
The Light Rail Transit Association
Action for Market Towns Promoting the vitality and viability of small towns
Liberty and Law Human Rights Lobby Group
New Economics Foundation Radical Green Thinktank
Low Level Radiation Campaign
Devolve! Campaign for devolution of power to the regions of England
Council For Education In World Citizenship-Cymru (CEWC-Cymru)An educational charity working with young people to promote active global citizenship in Wales
Friends and Family of Oswald Mosley A site dedicated to the former British fascist leader and current European ultra-nationalist parties
Campaign Against Political Correctness
Support our Soldiers Support British Soldiers
Campaign for an English Parliament
Médecins Sans Frontières UK

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