United Kingdom (3:5 Governments)

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Northern Ireland
Local Government
Diplomatic Representations
Governments on the WWW: Great Britain and Northern Ireland By Gunnar Anzinger
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: United Kingdom by Central Intelligence Agency
UK National Government by Yahoo!
PoliticsDirect Comprehensive and up-to-date political information
Directory of UK Government Websites
UK Government Directory
English Local Government Council Web Sites Index by Oultwood
UK Local Government Information by Keith Edkins
Gov.uk UK Government Web Portal
Government Gateway
Devweb The Guide to the UK Devolution
The British Monarchy
The UK Houses of Parliament's Public WWW Service
House of Commons
House of Lords
Parliament Live Broadcasting Live from Westminster
Devolved Parliaments and Assemblies
No. 10 Downing Street The London home and office of the British Prime Minister
Government Information Service (open.gov.uk)
London Prepared Information and advice to Londoners, visitors and businesses on London's preparations for - and responses to - major incidents and emergencies
MI5 UK Security Service
The British Council
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
The Commonwealth Secretariat
Commission for Racial Equality
Bank of England
Information Commissioner's Office
Northern Ireland Executive
Northern Ireland Forum for Political Dialogue
Falkland Islands Government
Official Government of Gibraltar London Website
UK Legal Services
UK Statutory Instruments
British and Irish Legal Information Institute

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