United Kingdom (3:5:1 Departments)

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Northern Ireland
Local Government
Diplomatic Representations
Governments on the WWW: Great Britain and Northern Ireland By Gunnar Anzinger
Departments Yahoo UK & Ireland
Gov.uk Government Web Portal
Office of the Prime Minister
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Cabinet Office
Office of Public Sector Information
Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre HMGCC
Department for Communities and Local Government
HM Prison Service
Home Office
The National Audit Office
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
The Office of Communications (OFCOM)
UK National Statistics
Government Equalities Office
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence
The British Army
The Royal Air Force Careers Information Service
The Royal Navy
The Police Services of U.K.
Privy Council Office
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department of Constitutional Affairs Lord Chancellor's Department
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Department for Transport
Department of Health
Department for International Development
Department for Work and Pensions
Department for Education
HM Treasury's WWW Service
HM Revenue & Customs

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