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Presidential and other elections (November 4, 2008)
Presidential and other elections (November 2, 2004)
Presidential and other elections (November 7, 2000)
Presidential and other elections (November 5, 1996)
Elections by Yahoo!
Politics of the United States of America by Wikipedia
United States Presidential Elections by Wikipedia
Federal Election Commission FEC
Federal Voting Assistance Program FVAP
State Net Fee based political information service, with free info also available on the website
United States Politics University of Michigan Documents Center
The Democracy Network (DNet) A comprehensive directory of election related sites in every state
Constituency Level Elections (CLE) Dataset Electoral Data 1944-2007 (Washington University in St.Louis)
Project Vote Smart A Voter's Self-Defense System
Political Resources On-Line Tools for political professionals
National Association of State Election Directors
Smart Voters by League of Women Voters
California Voter Foundation
Winning Directions Resource Center For Anyone Involved in Politics
Initiative & Referendum Institute
D.C.'s Political Report The Complete Source for Campaign Summaries
American Presidential Candidate Selector by SelectSmart.com
1st politics
Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
Network America Covers election fraud in the US presidential race
PatriotWatch.com Upstart Political Internet Portal
Talk Left: The Politics of Crime Liberal coverage of crime-related election and political news
Mycampaign A free website building tool for all political candidates in the United States
e-Elections.com Internet services, Web design and free URL's for political campaigns
Latinovote.com Resource for Latino Political News
The Vote: Bush, Gore and the Supreme Court
The Campaign Manual
Vote Jim Gibbons of Nevada Out
Zogby International
PresidentialElection.com Non-partisan information and directory including Government, State, and local election information
Elections by WashingtonPost.com
Political Derby
Our Campaigns Election Discussion and Analysis

Barack Obama Change we can believe in
Mitt Romney for President
Rick Santorum for President
Newt Gingrich for President
Ron Paul for President

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